New Feature in Donor Fuse: Pending Payment Schedules for Better Donor Management

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At Donor Fuse, we're constantly improving our platform to better serve your nonprofit's needs. We're excited to introduce a new feature designed to give you more control over donor payments and enhance your financial management. Our latest update: Pending Payment Schedules.

Background: Payment Scheduling

One of our core features at Donor Fuse is the ability to set up payment schedules. This allows donors to pay off their pledges over time or make recurring donations, ensuring a steady stream of support for your organization. However, we understand that sometimes donors prefer a bit more flexibility and control over when their payments are processed.

Introducing Pending Payment Schedules

Our new feature lets you set up a payment schedule as "pending." This means the donation will not be processed automatically at the scheduled time. Instead, it will remain in a pending state until you manually approve and process the payment. This new status is conveniently displayed on your dashboard, so you always know which payments are awaiting approval.

How to Use Pending Payment Schedules

Setting up a pending payment schedule is simple. When creating a new schedule, you'll notice a checkbox labeled "Run Automatically." This box is checked by default, indicating that the schedule will run automatically. To set the schedule to pending, simply uncheck this box. This will ensure the donation is not processed automatically and will require manual approval.

Benefits and Use Cases

  • Enhanced Control: With pending payment schedules, you have more control over when donations are processed. This is particularly useful for donors who prefer to confirm charges before they are made.
  • Donor Communication: Some donors provide their payment method but want you to call them to confirm each transaction. Pending payment schedules ensure you can respect their preference without disrupting your financial management.
  • Managing Headchecks: For donors who give postdated checks, this feature is invaluable. You can easily track when the next check needs to be deposited and manage your cash flow more effectively.

How It Helps:

  • Flexibility: Offer donors the flexibility to approve payments before they are processed, enhancing their trust and satisfaction.
  • Transparency: Keep track of pending payments easily through your dashboard, ensuring you never miss a scheduled donation.
  • Efficiency: Streamline the process of managing donor payments, especially when dealing with postdated checks or special payment agreements.


Pending Payment Schedules is a powerful new feature that gives you and your donors more flexibility and control. At Donor Fuse, we're committed to providing the tools you need to manage your nonprofit effectively. Try out this new feature and see how it can improve your donor relationships and financial management.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform. Together, we can make a greater impact.

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