Nonprofit fundraising & accounting clarified

Streamline your fundraising efforts and simplify your accounting processes with a user-friendly, all-in-one solution tailored for nonprofits.

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Why run your nonprofit with confusion?

Pledges, payments, payment plans, deposits, reconciliations, commissions, and so much more are involved in your nonprofit's fundraising and accounting.

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You did not build your nonprofit for this. You can lead with clarity.

All from one intuitive interface

Organize campaigns

Track pledges

Process donations

Donor CRM

Manage finances

Create reports

Effortlessly navigate your nonprofit's finances from funding to impact.

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User-friendly dashboard.

Your fundraising and accounting processes consolidated in one intuitive, user-friendly platform.

Donation processing.

Schedule, execute, and track donations, campaigns, pledges, keeping your fundraising organized and efficient.

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Personalized bookkeeping.

Our uniquely designed bookkeeping tool considers the specific accounting requirements of nonprofits, integrating your fundraising and financial data seamlessly.

Easy reporting.

Instantly generate custom budget and finance reports for stakeholders, grant reports, and others.

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With Donor Fuse, your nonprofit enjoys


Your fundraising and accounting processes consolidated in one intuitive, user-friendly platform.

Customized solutions

Your portal meets your needs, including fund and pledge administration and budget reporting.

Complete control

Maintain total visibility over your organization’s financial processes.

Experience the seamless integration of fundraising and accounting.

Set up your nonprofit’s account
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